Equipe Está Equipada, Preparada E Capacitada Para Atender Com Absoluta Segurança sua Pintura Industrial

Cost reduction and time optimization are a great differential in the execution of the service, making it advantageous for the customer.

The C-Tank® has a team of climbers highly qualified to perform services in high places using modern equipment and rope access techniques. The teams are formed by IRATAS N1, N2 and N3 with experience. The trainings are made periodically fulfilling all the requirements of security, meeting the norms and national and international standards.

Industrial mountaineering services require the installation of physical structures, significantly reducing time and cost, and increasing productivity in industrial maintenance. This technique is applied in several sectors such as naval, oil and gas, food, steel, pulp and paper, among others.


Work at height

Work in Confined Spaces

Rescue at height

Industrial Painting

Tank Cleaning

Facade Cleaning

Industrial maintenance


The C-Tank® team is highly qualified and capable. All members are continuously trained and certified in order to provide a quality and safety service.

• NR33 – Working in Confined Spaces
• NR34 – Working Conditions and Environment in the Shipbuilding and Repair Industry
• NR35 – Working at Height
• CBSP – (BST) Basic Safety Training for Platform
• HUET – Helicopter Underwater Escape Training


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