NDT Inspection Services

Equipe Está Equipada, Preparada E Capacitada Para Atender Com Absoluta Segurança sua Pintura Industrial
/NDT Inspection Services

The inspection service is important so that the operation is safer and more efficient, analyzing the quality and safety for good progress of the service provided by the client.

C-Tank® has periodic and preventive inspection plans to reduce the risks to your company. It is recommended that inspections be performed prior to any risky operation. At the end a detailed photographic report is available analyzing all the threat and danger factors.


The C-Tank® team is highly qualified and capable. All members are continuously trained and certified in order to provide a quality and safety service.

• NR33 – Working in Confined Spaces
• NR34 – Working Conditions and Environment in the Shipbuilding and Repair Industry
• NR35 – Working at Height
• CBSP – (BST) Basic Safety Training for Platform
• HUET – Helicopter Underwater Escape Training


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