C-Tank prevents lockdown on offshore instalations by the application of four critical measures

(Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) C-Tank ® carried out 74 bio-disinfection operations onboard of offshore installations along the Brazilian coastline. C-Tank is sharing their best practices in preventing covid-19, increasing crew safety and the continuity of offshore operations.

1. Establishment of Multidisciplinary of Crisis Committee

The involvement of all C-Tank collaborators was a key factor in the success of solutions. Ensured efficient and enable a quick response to the ongoing developments of the pandemic health crisis.

2. Robust Quarantine Crew Protocol

Social isolation is certainly the most effective form of prevention against Covid-19. Therefore, C-Tank applied a 14-day assisted isolation procedure; offshore crew members were self-isolated 7- days before beginning operations followed by an additional 7- days of isolation in hotels at the end of operations. In the last stage, all crew members or contractors were tested for Covid-19 by PCR based tests. C-Tank observed excellent results in crew safety, minimised contamination risks and on successful operations.

3. Preventative Cleaning and Disinfection

The application of a design specific plan for preventive disinfection was confirmed as the best strategy for the reduction of virus exposure and expansion of Covid-19 on offshore installations.

4. Best Practices Guide

The Best Practices Guide was reviewed and updated following all operations as a part of C-Tank’s continuous improvement plan. Mandatory regulations were implemented such as; continuous use of masks, social distancing in communal areas, utilisation of effective Covid-19 disinfection products and frequent disinfection procedures of risk-sensitive areas. These regulations ensured a safe work environment for crew members and the safe continuation of offshore operations.

By sharing these four successful critical preventive measures in the expansion of Covid-19 onboard offshore installations/vessels. C-Tank can ensure crew’s safety and support to the oil and gas industry an import sector to economy.