Assistência em Gás Free e Gás Fire permanente 24 horas por dia 365 dias no ano.

Ensure proper safety and conditions for people and equipment in hazardous environments.

C-Tank® specializes in gas-free inspections of tanks and holds to prevent accidents and the safety of those involved. The environments are evaluated and monitored, guaranteeing an environment free of toxic and flammable gases, thus allowing the authorization to work in confined spaces, following standard safety procedures.


Degassing Certificate

Issuance of Entry Certificates in Potentially Hazardous Areas

Control and Measurement of Atmospheres in the Inert Gas Condition

Prevention and Safety in Shipyards, Vessels and Industrial Facilities

Testing of Explosive, Toxic and Other Gases in Confined Spaces


The C-Tank® team is highly qualified and capable. All members are continuously trained and certified in order to provide a quality and safety service.

• NR33 – Working in Confined Spaces
• NR34 – Working Conditions and Environment in the Shipbuilding and Repair Industry
• NR35 – Working at Height
• CBSP – (BST) Basic Safety Training for Platform
• HUET – Helicopter Underwater Escape Training


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