Ao fazermos o gerenciamento de resíduos adotamos uma postura absolutamente correta, segura e definitiva do ponto de vista ambiental.

C-Tank® performs waste management by adopting an absolutely correct, safe and environmentally sound posture.

The company provides waste management services, such as disposal materials, including segregation, collection, transportation and final disposal of liquid and solid waste generated by ships, platforms and industries.

First it is necessary to classify the solid waste generated in a given activity. Afterwards, the steps of collection, storage, transportation and final destination will be defined. C-Tank® carries out the appropriate external transport for each type of waste, always ensuring safety and the environment.


Water Base Drilling Fluid

Oil Base Drilling Fluid


Diesel Oil or Contaminated Lubricant

Oily Water

Ballast Water

Health Effluents

CADIT (Brine)

Contaminated Sludge

Drilling Gravel

Chemicals in general


The C-Tank® team is highly qualified and capable. All members are continuously trained and certified in order to provide a quality and safety service.

• NR33 – Working in Confined Spaces
• NR34 – Working Conditions and Environment in the Shipbuilding and Repair Industry
• NR35 – Working at Height
• CBSP – (BST) Basic Safety Training for Platform
• HUET – Helicopter Underwater Escape Training


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